Alcohol Breathalyser Distributing & Manufacturing

Beginning in 1984, we designed and built the first Public Alcohol Breathalyser for hospitality and industry with many still operating today! Binge Drinking in Australia is on the rise with most drivers being pulled over for a breath test the day after a big night and failing the test, not realising how long the effects of drinking alcohol can stay in their system. ADT specialise in the sale of Personal breathalysers for the public as well as Industrial Hand Held and Wall Mount alcohol breathalysers. Personal breathalyzers are a great tool for the public to monitor their blood alcohol concentration, checking for rising or falling BAC and importantly to test themselves before driving even the next morning in order to keep the roads safe, and their drivers lisence! 

For information about a alcohol breath tester for Rent please contact us at info@austdynatech.com.au. We also service and calibrate alcohol breathlyzers. Please see our calibration page for more information. All equipment comes with 12 months Warranty and our commitment to after sales service and training for these innovative products.