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The AlcoAudit personal breathalyser uses Fuel Cell Technology (like the police) to measure the conce..
Alcomaster E3
The Alcomaster E3 is our top of the range portable breathalyser, featuring GPS Satellite Positioning..
Alcomaster E3-P
The Alcomaster E3-P is the most advanced hand held breathalyser on the market! Featuring built in pr..
Alcomaster P1
The Alcomaster P1 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user-frie..
Alcomaster P2
The Alcomaster P2 offers professional users precise and quick breath alcohol analysis in a user..
Alcovisor Mars
ADT's entry level personal breathalyzer. Boasting a Fuel Cell sensor, the Mars provides a simple yet..
Alcovisor MarsBT
The MarsBT personal breathalyzer is equipped with Bluetooth, for connection with the Alcovisor app. ..
BTA-30C Wall Mounted Breathalyser
ADT's Wall Mount Breathalyser BTA-30-C was designed for Hospitality and Industry. These ac..
BTA-30C Wall Mounted Breathalyser - Hire per week
ADT's Wall Mount Breathalyser BTA-30-C are also available for Hire or Vending options from..
Cheetah-1 is a rapid breath alcohol analyzer for quick testing with built-in torch function. ..
ADT's most advanced personal breathalyser, the KY-8300 offers users precise and quick, breath alcoho..
Smartphone Breathalyser - Alcovisor Click
ADT's Alcovisor Click for Smartphones! The latest innovative breathalyzerSimply download the "Alcovi..