BTA-30C Wall Mounted Breathalyser - Hire per week

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ADT's Wall Mount Breathalyser BTA-30-C are also available for Hire or Vending options from as little as $50 per week (not including freight) The BTA-30-C is available in Push Button Operation or Coin Operation.

Please contact ADT Breathalysers for detail on Hire/Vending options.

Using Fuel Cell technology, this Breathalyser provides fast and accurate throughput allowing workers or patrons to be tested ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.
ADT also sell “Calibration Kits” for the BTA series (please see Wall mount Breathalyser Calibration Kits in products). A simple, quick way to check and adjust calibration of the analyser.
The BTA Series breathalyzer form a valuable "Duty of Care" for patrons who need to breath test themselves before driving home. For owners, a considerable income in $1.00 or $2.00 coins can be collected on a monthly Calibration check. 

With easy to follow instructions patron/employee simply:

1) Insert the correct coin into the coin mechanism located on the side of the Breathalyzer.
2) Take a straw and blow into the sample port until the “Blow Now” goes out.
3) The patron/employee reading is then displayed on the Digital Read out and directions are provided on the Tri-color Panel.

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